Freedom of speech

I’m not going to go into details about the political situation here, you can google.
All I can share is what I see and how that makes me feel.
Here in Gambia we are living historical times, after too many years the rule is about to change.
Gambia has decided together and peacefully that new times must be ahead.
No sivil war, no killing. Forgiveness and working together towards better future.
You can call me naive or idealistic but I don’t mind.
Im proud of Gambians.
Kaira doro

Gambiassa kaikki hyvin!
Sattumalta matkustin maahan erittäin mielenkiintoiseen aikaan.

Vihattu ja pelätty diktaattori on äänestetty viimeinkin alas.
Uusi aika on alkamassa
Iloa, valoa ja rakkautta!
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